The American Experiment?

How many times have you heard about “The American Experiment?”  The phrase is used as if America is merely another test case for humankind.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Rather, America is the result of centuries of experimentation.  An experiment starts with a hypothesis, it is tested over and over, and a theory is developed based on the results. 

For centuries, man has hypothesized on the concepts of individual liberty, collectivism, the role of the state, and man’s place in the world.  These ideas were discussed in the Old Testament, in the orations and writings of Socrates, Plato, Locke and Marx, and by countless others. Indeed, these ideas are still discussed the world over today.  Based on the hypotheses over the ages, societies have come and gone because experiments have failed.  Others have continued on, but have floundered in less than desirable conditions; these societies remain as examples of failure.  

America is no experiment.  It is the end product of man’s wisdom gleaned from failed experiments of the ages.  The creation of America began with the simple thought that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are rights of all.  That thought was not new in 1776.  What was new was much more important—ACTION.  Those who thought of life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue individual happiness put into active motion a plan to create the one and only place that finally promised to protect those rights.

The tested formula is a simple one that and is no secret for success:  


Since America was created, it has been tested more than any nation of the past.  The results prove its mettle.  America continues to be the place of which more people dream than any other.  They do not dream about a theory or seek to view the data.  They dream of the time-tested and proven individual freedom to pursue happiness.

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