Bottom or Top Shelf?

Are you living a top or bottom shelf life?  The best wine or booze is usually on the top shelf and so are the best carnival prizes, unless they are so huge they stand alone.  You probably have some pretty good childhood memories at the carnival or fair.  Most of us have those memories so a genius created grown-up carnivals called “Dave & Busters” where adults (or at least they look like adults) go to let the kids run wild while they drink beer and play carnival games.  The smells may not be quite as good without the elephant ears and candy apples, but you know the drill.

The carnival brings a special gleam to the eyes.  The sights, sounds and general atmosphere emit high level energy and create joyous, lasting memories.  A life well lived should replicate the carnival.  Recall the endless rows of games, collecting tickets and the unbridled determination to accumulate the longest strand possible to get that coveted top-shelf prize.  The actual worth of the item could not have mattered less.  The value of the conquest was the only reason for the pursuit.  The day at the carnival was a metaphor for life.  Enjoy the sights, the sounds, the energy of the moment and the people with whom you share the experiences.  Give your best each day and persevere through each small task until your ticket strip measures up.

In short, take the steps to live a top shelf life.

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