Some See a COVID 19 Crisis, Others Choose to See “The Whole of the Moon”

The Waterboys made a record in the 80’s, my decade I might add, titled “The Whole of the Moon.”  The key chorus line is “I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon.”  Life is all about perspective and the approach we take to the same circumstances.  Some see nothing, some see bits and pieces, other see the big picture and beyond by using more of their minds—“the whole of the moon” so to speak.

There are two parts of our lives in our exclusive control that make a real difference in how we approach today: our thoughts and our actions.  The way we perceive a circumstance is not the same as others see it.  One may see the crescent, the other the whole of the moon.  During the current Covid 19 experience, people will see the situation differently.  No doubt many will see disease, lost income, lower 401(k) numbers, missed opportunities at work and even the images of death.  Their vision will unfortunately end at the crescent.  Others with clearer vision will see opportunities for more time with family and/or loved ones, a better approach to fitness both physically and mentally, and an enhanced focus on the important things in life.  Perceived crises provide opportunities to those who express thoughts of gratitude.  They come to realize the positive whole from the same events others only see as a limiting crescent.

Crises also create action.  “I talk about wings, you just flew,” is my favorite lyric from the song.  So many waste time and talk about crises; in fact, they actually enjoy spreading the bad news.  The same folks who enjoy crisis-speak so often also talk about things they “would have” accomplished if the crisis never occurred or if they “just had more time” to spare.  They have never flown.  They likely will never fly. Those who have the opportunistic vision allowing them to see the whole do not merely create images with their minds.  They take action.  They fly.   Envision more by thinking more and accomplish more by acting more.  See the whole of the moon.


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