Happiness Is the Mind’s Silver Bullet

Steve Earle sung a great tune about “The Devil’s Right Hand.”  A pistol as the subject of the song is misguided, but it is a great tune nonetheless.  Objects or circumstances outside of us are neither the hand of evil nor the causes of what ails us.  We are our own Devil’s right hand and we are likewise our only defense against its destruction.

There is such a hand, but it touches us from within and stifles our advancement.  The true Devil’s right hand is hopelessness, a mindset created from negative thought founded on fear and discouragement.  Such thoughts go viral and consume from within.  The outward symptoms present in the form of familiar statements like “I just don’t have the time,” “It takes money to make money,” “I have other responsibilities to take care of first,” or the grandaddy of ‘em all, “If I could just get a break.”  Time, money and the “break” in these statements are merely excuses or rationalizations for failure, they are not circumstances of victimhood.  And, the most painful slap of the hand is this—we choose to be slapped.

Many never want to learn that the while a pistol can be a weapon for evil deeds, it is more useful as a tool of self-defense.  Our own thoughts and choices are the sole defenses against the reach of hopelessness.  Like a pistol, our own mind is either the tool that saves us by focusing on pursuit of happiness or takes our life with the bullet of discouragement. In either event, the operations’ purpose is chosen by the user.  Right up until the trigger is pulled, we have a clear choice between the Devil’s right hand or the silver bullet that kills off evil.  Take aim with your thoughts and then take action to be happy.  You are your own right hand.


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