Evidence That Happiness Is All About Perspective–Even Amidst a Covid Crisis

Naysayers so often scoff at the idea that one may pursue happiness and then reach the light at the end of the tunnel.  Many don’t believe that happiness may be pursued at all.  They reside in an endless tunnel and their lack of vision is their existence.  Seeing only the tunnel walls and the blindness to the light is their only perspective.  The tunnel doesn’t cause the blindness and neither does their eyes; the cause is perspective and perspective is always a choice.

The evidence lies before our eyes during the current climate of crisis.  People in loving relationships are happier people.  This fact has been supported in myriad studies. In short, being with our loved ones is a good thing and promotes happiness.  Enter perspective.  On radio, t.v., social media and in conversation, I have heard endless complaints about “working from home among the kids” and the problems of sharing a home office or the kitchen table during the workday.  “Oh, how will one cope?” is the question.  The techniques for dealing with this new workplace is discussed as if it’s a foxhole in Vietnam. Endless other stories and commentaries speak to being cooped up with spouses or other loved ones for hours on end.  Everyday is Thanksgiving with a toxic family gathering.  What a tragic set of consequences; almost as bad the virus itself!

Are these cabin fever issues really evidence of a perspective problem?  By themselves, no.  However, I have heard as many stories expounding on the fear of loneliness and anxiety created by the stay-at-home orders and the “social distancing” demands that have been thrust upon us all.  If only others were around, things would be great.  “Oh, how will one go on without socializing in the office?” is the refrain.  No doubt, these are the same people who say “Happy Monday” or “Let’s get over the hump!” and the ever-popular “TGIF” week in and week out when they are at the office.  The totality of the negative is that there are always those who can’t live with ‘em and those who can’t live without ‘em.

Perspective is everything.  Hat-ahs gonna hate and the unhappy are gonna be unhappy either at home with family wishing they could go socialize at work, or at work wishing it was the weekend and they were at home.  Begin to change your perspective right now, practice the positive angle on every matter of the day, and soon it will become a habit.  Creating positive perspective followed by positive action is the only way to acquire a new habit and make positive change.  See the light, focus on it rather than the tunnel and bask in it.  The light will warm your soul.


*A perspective addendum in real time:  As I write this post, there is a beautiful snowfall with the large flakes we pray for on Christmas morning.  But, it’s April 17th, typically two weeks into the MLB season every prior year of my life.  Is the snowfall as beautiful as it would have been on Christmas morning?  The answer is found in perspective.

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