Top Five Reasons Your Life is Happier Than You Think

1.  You’re reading this.  That means you have life and at least an ability to read the written word and form thoughts.  The best part is that thought is all you need to pursue happiness.

2.  Everything good (or bad) in life starts with thought.  As a matter of simple logic you now have all that you need to get started on anything you desire.  The thoughts that you have should coincide with your desires and point you in pursuit of happiness.  Form your positive thoughts and immediately start acting on them.  Write down small steps that you will take.  Each little step in the direction of your desire gets you a bit closer.  Noticed that only POSITIVE thought is mentioned here.  There is no place for the negative because the stuff you worry about or think negatively about rarely, if ever, come to pass.  

3.  Acting on thoughts is easy, but we are trained to think it’s hard.  We are trained to think it’s hard to act because too many would-be mentors in our lives have taught us that outside influences (ironically those same mentors in many cases) create our lives.  Your life is better than you think because all is under your control no matter the nonsense that you’ve been taught through most of your life.  Today is a new day and right now is the time to turn your positive thoughts into action IN SPITE OF what others have told you.

4.  Actions bring results.  When you have a positive thought and finally realize just how acting on them advances your life, you achieve results.  Some thoughts are merely small desires and other may be significant life changes.  Either way, taking action is mandatory for advancement and pursuing happiness.  Small desires may be achieved quite quickly and are good starting points in forming the habit of timely and decisive action.  The big desires may take a series of positive actions over several days, months or years.  Either way, you have the power on your own to advance your life.  Your life is better than you think.

5.  The power of thought and faith cannot be stolen from you.  No matter the circumstances, your power of thought and the faith in your own thoughts cannot be taken away.  Your perception of events in your life and how you respond to them are yours only.  Cast aside the negative or unsupportive thoughts of others, giving them no room in your mind.  Move ahead by acting on the faith in yourself.

Life is about advancement.  You and only you advance yourself through thought, action and the faith that keeping at it will get you what you desire most.  Your life is better than you think when you think about and pursue happiness.


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