A Little Pruning Goes a Long Way

If you enjoy summer flowers, you’ve probably had petunias growing in your yard or in hanging pots at some point in your life.  Grandmas always seem to especially like them perhaps because they tell us a lot about wisdom that is acquired over our lifetime.  You see, petunias are colorful, vibrant flowers that grow like crazy as long as they are given the right attention.  They will thrive in full sun and will also do very well in the shade.  In short, they are a lot like people.  People can find happiness in almost any conditions as well, but they have to give themselves the right attention.

The key to petunias is not just some water and some sunshine.  The key to a beautiful, overflowing basket that exudes life is pruning.  No special tools are needed, just a bit of attention.  Petunias’ flowers shrivel and become discolored after several days and must be plucked to make room for new and even more vibrant blooms.  As the wilting, tired flowers are removed, so the plant is given the lifeblood to advance forward in its purpose—to bring joy to those who look at them and care for them.

Such is life.  Take a few moments every week or so and prune the tired and wilted vestiges from your life.  Examine your life and make choices to cut yourself loose from bad memories of the past, people who do not support and advance you, a job that is a dead end, or fears that have kept you from pursuing happiness in your life.  Pruning away the negative in your life makes room for more good things to take their place.  Life is advancement.  We cannot advance when we cling to ideas that weigh us down.  It’s time for growth.


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