Happy Acts in Mysterious Ways

Several months into a pandemic and things keep getting better.  You are not going to hear that virtually anywhere else.  Why?  The unhappy deathly fear happiness.

If you would like a true update on COVID 19, look no further.  Happiness is not pleasure and it is not short term joy.  Happiness is an end and only comes from many, many pursuits that all add up to the end point.  In short, you have to act, not just dream. COVID 19 fear or displeasure is merely a momentary snapshot in time for happy people; it is THE END for the unhappy and serves to hold them in a static state of perpetual negativity.  They love it and they will exploit it as long as unhappily possible.

Here’s where the happiness is now.

Time—the stay at home orders, the work at home time and lack of hectic mornings, long commutes and the trappings of being servants to the “grind” are gone for so many.  Now, we may work efficiently, be more relaxed and focus on the job at hand.  We have time for happy-pursuing hobbies, side hustle work and some quiet, peaceful reflection.  Control over time promotes happiness.  The unhappy dread individual control of their own destiny because it portends responsibility.  Only happy people are responsible for their own actions.

Family matters—More time at home means more time and focus on family.  Kids are home, mom & dad (hopefully and ideally) are at home and relationships cannot help but get closer.  The grind of travel sports, all-night homework and scattered meal times have morphed into everyone at the dinner table, family movie nights, altogether walks in the neighborhood and maybe even dusting off the bicycles.  There are countless stories out there right now of moms who have rediscovered their purpose.  That may be the best result of all from this so-called crisis.

Fitness—if you’re not getting healthier and more fit during this time gifted time, then you’re not trying to be happier.  There is nothing good about obesity and ill health no matter how many self esteem books you read.  Happiness of body brings happiness of mind.  The latter does not EVER come without the former though most people think the opposite.  There are mirrors, flights of stairs, elbows brushing against love handles and myriad other reminders of an unfit body.  COVID has provided the time but you must act and make the effort.

Unplugging from the unwanted—COVID has also provided the perfect opportunity to cut ties and disconnect from the toxic people who have done nothing to make our lives better.  The gossips at work, the envious friend, the over-bearing relative, or the over zealous client.  Ridding your life of negative, unhappy people makes pursuit of happiness more possible and leads to a happier life.

Folks often say God works in mysterious ways.  So He does and we may witnessing a profound irony.  What the unhappy thought would help their cause of spreading unhappiness will actually do the opposite as we continue to get better and better day by day.


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