The Mirage is Actually Concrete

Recall riding in the car on sunny day.  As you stare out into the distance a hazy shadow of the trees along the roadside appears on the pavement ahead.  Just seconds before it is swallowed up, the shadow leaps forward to avoid capture.  The whole process keeps repeating as long as you remain focused on the road ahead.  The mirage is an elusive fellow.

In reality, the mirage isn’t really elusive at all.  The mirage is a vision and vision leads to action and accomplishment.  The mirage is happiness and happiness only comes from the constant forward pursuit.  The location of the vision is reached every time, but life and the road we travel doesn’t end just because we reach a single, concrete goal.  If we stop when we reach a single vision, life stops and stagnates while the rest of the cars pass us by.

Each mirage is a concrete segment along the road of life.  As each is reached we get a bit closer to the destination.  Each pursuit is a small act seeking happiness.  As we add up the infinite pursuits, we get closer and closer to the seemingly elusive mirage called happiness.  Happiness becomes concrete only when we turn our vision into actions keep the journey moving forward.


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