Gratitude Accelerates Success

Be grateful every day.  Say so every day.  But remember that saying so does not mean that you are satisfied where you are.  Gratitude is not satisfaction.  Gratitude is a springboard to abundance and a tool to be used every day to advance in life.

Too often, as we pursue our passions, there are parachutes that slow or stifle our acceleration.  Picture the dragster explode off the line with so much energy only to have a chute stop its advancement at a quarter mile.  Others express their opinions that “you should be happy where you are” or “that’s too risky” or “that isn’t a job; it’s a hobby.”  Remove these chutes and continue with all due speed.  Do not let even the impression that you are grateful and happy invoke thoughts of staying put or remain idle.

Expressing your gratitude for what you have each morning and again each night is the throttle not the brake.  It acts as a thank you to a higher power and your higher self for your accomplishments.  Gratitude should never be confused with satisfaction or contentment.  Being grateful is the green light to start the next race.  More wins in racing bring more sponsors, more money prizes and more fans.  More wins in business bring more clients, more income and a reputation for good work.  More wins in relationships bring more love, more respect and more mutual advancement.

Be grateful to accelerate every aspect of your life.  Fold up the parachute and put it away.  You will be the dragster that just keeps on going.


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