Food For Thought In Five Courses; Happy Meal Number 4

1. “Beautiful Life”—Lost Frequencies, Sandro Cavazza—This song is the table setting, not a first course, but rather a vision, a canvas for a great meal.  All goodness, and thus happiness, begins with a canvas you create with your vision.

2.  “River of Deceit”—Mad Season—appetizer— “My pain is self chosen” begins this song.  All things negative start in the same place—self.  Begin the meal of life with gratitude and strength comes instead of pain.  Appetize your life.

3.  “Fishin’ In the Dark”—Nitty Gritty Dirt Band—Salad course—Salads cleanse the pallet and promote digestive health.  This song appreciates the simple, meaningful stuff of life = love, togetherness, rather than the what or how much.

4. “I am, I said”—Neil Diamond—This is today’s main course served FAMILY STYLE.   I believe that only you can make yourself who you are, but there  comes with your creation an immense need to share yourself with a romantic love and family.  Otherwise you’re just talking to the chair.

5. “One Night In Bangkok”—Murray head—Dessert—This one is out there and speaks for itself.  Don’t over indulge as you consume life.  Goodness is a prerequisite of happiness.


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