The Great Escape—From Thought & Goodness

Happiness always results from goodness.  Doing good comes from thinking good things and doing them.  It’s a simple equation really and it applies to all aspects of life.  It is all that “pursuit of happiness” really means.  The supposed protectors against a loss of the pursuit have failed all.  We need some Steve McQueens right now in more ways than one.

Where have all the lawyers gone?

Lawyers take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and their state constitutions as well.  They swear to protect people’s rights.  They have failed.  Forced mask wearing, forced closure of businesses, and denial of medical treatment are horrible infringements on liberty.  Denial of rights to practice religion or to assemble in public places infringe on the hallmarks of the Constitution and the cornerstones of our country.  Are lawyers protecting those rights?  No, they have disappeared.  Understand that judges are lawyers.  People are being fined and jailed for not wearing masks, opening businesses or going to church.  Now “vaccines” may be forced on people if they want to work, travel or attend functions.  Would any trial lawyer worth a damn admit a stack of exhibits into evidence without knowing what it is in them?  Then why would any lawyer support injecting stuff into people by force without knowing what’s in it or what the future consequences will be?  The oaths taken presuppose that lawyers will act to preclude such destruction of individual rights.  Lawyers need to find themselves; they are not thinking and are not doing good.

Where have all the doctors gone?  

Everyone has heard of the Hippocratic Oath—you know—“First do no harm!”  Actively or passively refusing to prescribe proven therapeutics to ill patients is doing harm.  There are medications that work to cure COVID.  Do most folks even know this information?  No, but media fools don’t take the oath, doctors do.  There is a DUTY to tell patients about medications that treat disease.  There is also an obligation for doctors to LEARN about treatment and in turn inform patients.  That process is not happening.  Instead, the standard is to send patients home without treatment to deteriorate.  Sounds like harm.

But wait, help is on the way—“vaccines” are here to save the doctors and the patients.  Are they FDA approved?  No.  Have they been properly researched to show they “do no harm?”  No.  Do the CDC’s own figures (on its website for all to see) show tens of thousands of terrible reactions and approximately two thousand deaths from the injections?  Yes.  Are doctors still telling patients to get these shots?  Yes.  The actions and inactions are doing harm.  Allowing money, propaganda and lack of fortitude to drive life and death decisions is harming millions of people every day.  Doctors need to find themselves; they are not thinking and they are not doing good.

Where have all the critical thinkers gone?

Lawyers and doctors have much to answer for.  But their failures do not exonerate the masses.  When life comes right down to it, we are responsible for self.  This country has acknowledged the God-given right to pursue happiness.  That acknowledgement however, presupposes responsibility—for self.  Failure to learn is opting out of responsibility, and in turn, opting out of liberty and life.  Any individual who would inject himself or herself with an untested concoction or fail to learn about curative therapeutics and how to get them for pennies is a failure.  A failure by choice.  People need to find themselves; they are not thinking and they are not doing good—for themselves.


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