The Latest Happy Meal—5 courses paired with song

Starter Course 

“Born Free”—Kid Rock.  A life that leads to happiness starts with freedom.  Never give up your liberty to pursue life’s great multi-course spread. Never accept that anyone can take it.  A great meal can’t happen if you don’t get it started.  Pursuit of happiness begins when you choose your starter. 

Pasta course

“Sour Girl”—Stone Temple Pilots.  Pasta is always a temptress, but rarely the right choice for long term satisfaction.  Sometimes happiness comes from walking away and making a better choice.  Sometimes it comes from taking a chance.  Saucy choices can produce delicious results or leave one wanting much more.  Choose wisely. 

Salad course

“New Shoes”—The Bus Boys.  Often it’s the simple things of life that get one back on track.  Push the pasta aside and slip into some whole food.  Put a nice shine on. 

Main course

“Right Now”—Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris.  To make the most of life, NOW must be the focus.  NOW is where the action is.  Just as the main course is key to a great meal, now is the only time for results.  Pull yourself  up to the table and get going right now.

Dessert Course

“Heard it in a Love Song”—Marshall Tucker Band.  The promise of dessert is that there is always something better on down the line.  But most often it reminds one how good things already were.  Indulgence can sweeten life in  small doses, but cannot sustain growth.


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