Tales of Sales

All occupations are sales. To earn is to sell. To accomplish is to sell.

As a trial attorney, I sell ideas. Evidence presented to a jury is a set of facts posed in a certain way to achieve a certain result. Winning the case is making the sale. Belief in my product, connection to the buyer, filling a need for answers to important questions and a succinct message together make the sale. The task is an easy one–just sell the evidence.

As a purveyor of happiness philosophy, I also sell ideas. However, closing the sale on pursuit of happiness is infinitely more difficult than closing the deal to a jury. Make sense? No. Selling something that everyone says they want and is completely free should be simple. It is the toughest sell in the world. The pursuit requires movement, advancement, action. Convincing another to act for oneself is to move a mountain–one shovel full at a time.

Happiness is the sum of countless shovels full. A positive mindset and small actions over time create good habits in the pursuit. I cannot do the shoveling for anyone, but I can offer a better shovel. I created an App to help bring happy thoughts, actions and eventually happy habits into one’s life. The App starts with a Lifetime Happiness score based on answers to a few simple questions. It then encourages the pursuit of happiness every day through expression of gratitude, scheduling “Happy To-Dos” daily and keeping one accountable to accomplishing daily goals. Your Daily Happiness score will track your pursuits and create positive habits.

Wake up, express gratitude, get in the happy mindset and keep it going all day long. Here are the links to the App:



Enjoy the App and get happier.


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